About Honorable Aliyu Ibrahim Gebi.


Honorable Aliyu Ibrahim Gebi was born on the 19th of January, 1975 to the family of Alhaji Ibrahim Gebi and late Maryam Gebi in Bauchi State. He attended Kobi Primary School Bauchi and graduated from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi State in the year 1998 where he studied Computer Science with Advanced Mathematics.

An experienced software expert with critical thinking abilities and sound mind who loves political debates. An accomplished public speaker, often regarded as an Orator per Excellence.

He became an expert in software engineering before being elected into the 7th National Assembly as an Honorable Member Championing the interest of his people, Bauchi Federal Constituency, Bauchi State. He doubled as the Chairman, House Committee on Internal Security and Deputy Chairman, ECOWAS Parliament on Trade, Customs and Free Movement of Persons where he represents the ECOWAS Parliament in different capacities.

“Being political cannot be removed from being a Muslim and a Northerner, every Northerner is political in Nigeria” – Aliyu Ibrahim Gebi

Gebi enlightens us that being politically aware in the north is part of who they are, they are informed in the ways of the government because of Islamic principle and doctrines that exist. Being a Politician on the other hand is the real challenge for him. He was tired of the way the government handled matters and wanted to help fix the system, so being the proactive man he is, he contested for House of Representatives in Bauchi State without a political party and won.

AIG is a man fueled by the desire to see a better Nigeria. Gebi aims to tackle important issues that affects every Nigerian starting with his State, Bauchi. He has proven himself capable by undertaking projects all over the state with aid from organizations such as the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Agency. These projects include drilling of boreholes, installation of electricity transformers and renovation of schools in different Local Government Areas.

Gebi has gained accolades as a man who is deserving of the people’s trust and loyalty. A man universally voted as the most courageous House Member of his tenure, he is not afraid to stand out and stand tall for what he believes in. He has fought for the rights of Nigerians countlessly which can be seen in his stance for an increase in the minimum wage. His agenda is clear;

To rebuild a fragmented society; to give confidence to a disenfranchised people and to restore the dignity of our people because collectively, our psyche has been eroded by decades of misrule, misinterpretation, misdirection and political tyranny. WE MUST GIVE POWER BACK TO THE PEOPLE”.